About Dr. Mounir Kamel

About Dr. Mounir Kamel

Dr. Mounir Kamel's Curriculum Vitae





Jan, 1958, Egyptian


  • B.Sc., In Civil Engineering, Structural Department, AIN SHAMS University, Cairo, Egypt, 1980.
  • DIPLOMA of PostGraduate Studies in Soil Mechanics and Foundations, CAIRO University, Cairo, Egypt, 1982.
  • M.Sc., Civil Engineering, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1992.
  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1996.


  • Register as a PE engineer in the US
  • Register as a consultant engineer in Egypt


  • American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE)
  • Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI)
  • Syndicate of Egyptian Engineering
  • Egyptian Society of Civil Engineering (ESCE)
  • Egyptian Geotechnical Society


Dr. Kamel has over 20 years of experience in both Structural and Geotechnical Engineering and in consultation, teaching and research. Dr. Kamel has actively participated in planning, analyzing, design, site supervising and developing technical recommendations for several projects. His experience in Geotechnical/Structural enginerring includes analysis, computer modeling, preperation of concepts & final designs, preparation of detailed drawings, specifications and construction supervision.
He is familiar with most of Structural/Geotechnical computer programs. In addition, he is familiar with many international codes of practice for structural design such as American code (ACI, LRFD, UBC) and British Standard (BS). Dr. Kamel is the first author of a number of technical papers published in international prestigious technical journals. Dr. Kamel started his consulting firm since 1984.


  • Jan. 97 - Present
    CiviTech, Managing Director

  • Dec. 97 - Dec 00
    With Dar Al-Handasaah Consultants (Shair and Partners)
    Consultant Engineer in Geotechnical & Marine Department

  • Responsible for the engineering analysis, design and specifications preparation for the following selected project(s):

    E9787 Marsa Alam Resort, Egypt. The Marsa Alam Resort includes 4 or 5 hotels, 600-700 chalets, 60 large villas, town cabins and other commercial and entertainment facilities. The resort also includes off-site facilities such as ancillary buildings, staff housing, gas station,...etc. The project site is located about 20 km north of Marsa Alam City. the project are is about 1.5 square kilometers and bounded by the Red Sea coast from the east and the Red Sea mountain chains from the west. The site is located in the downstream of the alluvial fan of Wadi Abu Kalb, with is about 10 kilometers long.

    E9729 Al Ashgar, Egypt. A fully integrated new residential city on a 70 ha site at the 6th of October City. The development includes 3000 apartments for a middle-income residential district and 300 villas to accommodate a population of 15,000.

    E9805 Rehab City, Egypt. Design and construction documents for a fully integrated residential city on a 1400 fedans site at New Cairo, including assessment of geological/geotechnical features of the site, slope stability analysis.

    E9853 Amiriya Pharmaceutical Plant, Egypt. The project consists of a three-story administration building a production line building, a power plant, a social building and a mosque on a 20 fedans site at Amirya, Alexandria. The project foundations are bored cast-in-place piles of various sizes and depths.

    E9870 Pyramids Office Park, Egypt. The project consists of more than 30 office buildings and commercial facilities of various sizes as well as residential villas surrounded by artificial lagoons and landscaping on a 150 feddan site at Pyramids area.

    Q9815 Al-Khore Development Project, Qatar. Design and construction documents for a site area of 200,000 square meters including junior and senior schools, medical center, and senior citizens club. Mosque, beach club, administration/warehouse and desalination plant.

    Q9873 Doha Intercontinental Hotel, Qatar. The project comprises a comprehensive development of more than 163800 square meters site located on a bay directly to the south of Aladdin's Kingdom amusement park in the new district of Doha. The current phase is a 5-star hotel with all related functions and external works. The built-up area of the main building is about 21000 square meters. The project will ultimately include beach chalets, apartments and commercial shopping facilities. The site is reclaimed with 2.0 to 3.0 m of reclamation.

    TK9723 BURSA RING ROAD, Turkey. Design and tender documents for 62 km motorway with 11-grade separated interchanges. Work includes design of foundations, rock excavations, and excavation support system, slope protection, settlement analysis of embankments.

    E9823 CIRD Office Complex, Egypt. The project involves the design for an 115,000 square meters office building including supporting facilities such as audiotorium, cafeteria, and two-level underground parking for 400 cars.

    N9833 Damaturu Water Supply, Nigeria. The project is a development of a new dam to be constructed on Anumma River, at the city of Damaturu, Nigeria. The dam is a part of a major water supply development scheme for the city of Damaturu. Two sites on the river are considered to be canditdates for the construction of the project. The work of the project includes: Data collection, Geotechnical investigation, Dam type selection, stability analysis of the dam upstram and downstream slopes, seepage analysis of the water flow within the dam, determination of factor of safety against piping and analysis and preliminary design as well as cost estimate.

    AN9810 Four Start Hotel in Soyo, Angola. The project is a four-star hotel sited at the heart of Kwanda Base in Soyo surrounded by the catering facilities to the east and north. It consists of a basement and two stories. The total gross area of the building is about 3000 square meters.

    1996 - 1997 Research Assitant Professor, Center for Infrastructure Research, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Omaha, NE.

    1994 - 1996 Research Associate, Center for Infrastructure Research, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Omaha, NE.

    Activities at the University of Nebraska include teaching, research, consultations for major projects such as:

    1. In the field of consultation, the following are some projects at the USA in which Dr. Kamel was involved in their foundation and superstructure design: SALEM WEST Bridge, Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR), Lincoln, VALLEY WEST, HDR Engineering, Omaha, NE., NIOBRARA Bridge, Harrington and Cortelyou Consultants, Kansas City, MO., LITTLE PAPIO CREEK Bridge, NDOR, Lincoln, NE., LL STREET VIADUCT, Batheja & Associates, Inc., Omaha, NE.

    2. In the field of engineering research projects, the following are some projects at the USA in which Dr. Kamel was involved and/or principal investigator of them: Development of the Super Light Weight Concrete Block (completed 1993), Prestressed Concrete Piles in Integral Abutment Bridges (completed 1993 for Phase I, 1996 for Phase II), Development of New shallow Bridge Systems for Short to Medium Span Bridges (completed 1995), Implementation of NU Girders (completed, 1995), Development of Rapid Bridge Deck Replacement Systems for rehabilitation (completed 1998), Composite Design in Bridges (completed 1998), AASHTO Requirements for Vertical Shear Design (completed 1998), Development of new unbonded girder/deck interface system to simplify future deck replacmenet for rehabilitation (completed 1997), Development of new post-tensioning system which haunched segment to increase the maximum spans of NU girder system (completed, 1996).

    1983 - 1990 Director of :The Consultant Engineering for Structural and Geotechnical Engineering.

    Activities included design, supervision of constructions and conducting soil investigation of concrete and steel structures. Sample of involved projects are: Polyethylene plant in Alexandria Petrochemical Complex for Techni Petrol Lavori Inc. Micro Wave steel towers for telephone services (series of 30 steel towers arount the country), Police Force Office building at Nasr City for Maco Construction Inc., Shorbagi Factory at 10th of Ramadan City, El-Helal Tower "20 stories office and residential building at Heliopolis, New Marriott Aswan, El-Nasr Library and Education center at El-Nasr Sport Club, Heliopolis, Cairo."

    1981 - 1983 Officer Engineer: UAR Military Service, Egypt

    Duties included design and supervision of precast concrete multistory military village buildings.

    1980 - 1981 Structure and Foundation engineer at the ARAB Company for Foundation "VIBRO", Cairo, Egypt.

    Duties included design of deep foundations and retaining structures of major building and bridge projects.

    Part-time Structural Engineer at Dr. SABRY SAMAAN consultant firm, Cairo, Egypt.

    Duties included foundation, and structural design of steel and concrete projects.


  • Kamel, M., Precast Prestressed Concrete Piles in Integral Abutment Bridges., Master Thesis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, December 1992.
  • Kamel, M., Benak, J., and Tadros, M., Prestressed Concrete Piles in Jointless Bridges., PCI Journal, March-April, 1996.
  • Kamel, M., Innovative Precast Concrete Composite Bridge Systems, Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, May, 1996.
  • Kamel, M., Derrick D., An Alternative Precast Concrete System to Cast-in-Place Slab Bridge, Concrete Interntational Journal, 1996.
  • Kamel, M. Benak, J., and Tadros, M., Application of Precast Prestressed Concrete Piles in Integral Abutment Bridges., Proceedings, Fourth International Bridge.
  • Engineering Conference, Vol 2, Transportation Research Board, July 1995.
  • Devalapura, R. Kamel, M., and Arumuggasamy, P., Nondestructive Techniques for Corrosion Evaluation of Steel in Concrete, Proceedings, International Conference on Corrosion


  • Upheavel Phenomenon in Cast-in-Place Driven Piles, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Omaha, May, 1992.
  • Piles in Integral Abutment Bridges, Proceedings, Fifth International Colloquium on Concrete in Developing Countries, Cairo, Egypt, January 1994.
  • Seismic Isolation in Bridges, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Omaha, April, 1994.
  • The Nebraska Inverted Tee System, Nebraska Academy of Sciences, Lincoln, Nebraska, May, 1995.
  • Short to Medium Span Bridges, Nebraska Academy of Sciences, Lincoln, Nebraska, April 1994.
  • Reinforced Earth Structures, Design Workshop, Nebraska Department of Roads, Lincoln, Nebraska, May, 1995.
  • Efficient Shallow Bridge Deck System Using Standard Precast Concrete Shapes, PCI Convention, Reno, Nevada, October, 1995.
  • The Inverted Tee System for Rural Areas, Bridge Design Workshop #4, Prestressed Concrete Bridges, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, October, 1996.


  • Daniel P. Jenny Research Fellowship by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute.
  • (PCI) for the year 1993 - 1994.
  • WHO'S WHO among Students in American Universities & Colleges 1994.
  • MILTON E. MOHR FELLOWSHIP in Engineering & Technology graduate studies, 1994 - 1995.



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